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Corporate Games CHALLENGE

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Are you ready for the Corporate Games Challenge?


Take part in the Corporate Games Challenge and measure yourself against your colleagues in your own company and in other companies. 


Take part in the Corporate Games Challenge

per person
Participation fee without donation 
Participation in the sweepstakes
Participation only possible in groups of 6 people
fitness videos
Individual fitness tips
per person
Participation fee incl. donation to the Caritas emergency aid in the Ukraine war
Participation in the sweepstakes
Participation only possible in groups of 6 people
fitness videos
Individual fitness tips
Donation for a good cause

Unfortunately, the Corporate Games had to be canceled for this year due to COVID-19. But we didn't want to let our fans and participants down, so we created the Corporate Games Challenge. In this way we want to create closeness from the current distance and fill and promote the feeling of togetherness in and between the workforce with life. The Corporate Games Challenge takes place from May 2nd, 2022 to June 6th, 2022 and lasts 5 weeks. 

1. What is the Corporate Games Challenge? What do I get from that?

The Corporate Games Challenge is to be understood as pre-training for the actual Corporate Games in summer 2022.  

Advantages for you as an employee:

  • exercise reduces stress,

  • You are fitter and healthier

  • You get to know your colleagues better and it promotes your team spirit, motivation for the job,

  • Very suitable for those who don't like sports,

  • You are training to participate in the Corporate Games 2022,

  • You decide what you train when

  • You get tips and videos as support from the app for your training,

  • Any sport from the app is allowed in pre-training.

(Here are some good arguments for your boss 😊)

Advantages for you as an entrepreneur (if you take over the financing for your employees):

  • excellent team building,  

  • Despite Corona, the feeling of togetherness is reawakened and promoted,

  • healthy employee integration,  

  • promoting health and fitness in the workplace,  

  • Reduction of sick days (absences),  

  • Increasing and motivating productivity and employee retention!


By sponsoring your attendance, your employees will feel treated and valued as they receive a gift while having a direct impact on executive and overall company results in addition to business networking and branding. A classic win-win situation.

We help companies to increase their employee performance, achieve more motivation and team building and thus increase sales and general performance. At the same time, we help you to achieve constructive and creative health management within your company.

2. What do I need?

  1. RocketJourney App (Apple: App Store; Android: Google Play Store)

  2. Other tracking equipment for the app: Google Fit, Apple Health, Garmin, fitbit, NRC, Apple Watch, Strava

  3. email address and password

  4. Participation: In the member area you can upload your weekly updates. We will then create a ranking for you. Here you can track your personal success, your contribution to the team and how your office/company compares. We also offer you and the participants support in the form of motivating and educational messages as well as suggestions for routines. We'll also send you regular reports so you can analyze attendee activity and engagement. 

3. How does the Corporate Games Challenge work?


With the app you can choose your favorite sport and train for it. 

The best team wins a €300 voucher at a local restaurant, as well as a 10% discount for registering for the September 2021 Corporate Games. Second place team wins a €200 voucher at a local restaurant, third place team wins a €150 voucher at a local restaurant.

for the Corporate Games Challenge

Thank you for taking part. You will receive mail from us shortly.

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